Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 4/29/15

JustALickOriginalHump Day is just two days away from May 1st. Temperatures in the Northeast are starting to feel like Spring and we’ll have many days in the 70s next week. Sooner than later it’s going to get hot and we’ll be looking for something to keep us cool.

If you’re feeling over-heated, ladies, you might want to call the “Ice Cream Man” and get a few licks, if you know what I mean. John Brim is your Ice Cream Man and he’d love to deliver anything you want. If you feel like spinning up some of your own ice cream, Roosevelt Sykes has some milk for your can. That sounds dirty. He may love your “Ice Cream Freezer” but he’s a wee bit particular when it comes to flavors. He leaves strawberry and vanilla to others and goes straight for the black walnut. You know you want him to taste your black walnut, don’t you? One thing you should know ladies, is that if these words are to be believed, it seems his ice cream melts a little too fast:

She say, ‘Now, daddy can you jus hold back and stick around? ‘
I’ll say, I b’lieve you spoke jus a little too late pretty mama
I gotta let that flavor come runnin’ down

He must really love to lick the black walnut though because the woman invites him back:

She said, ‘Now, you done uses my freezer
‘Look like you gettin’ ready to leave’
She said, ‘But you’re still welcome to my can
When you have more cream to freeze’

Since you can’t eat ice cream all the time, you need to keep it cold. As luck would have it, Whistling Bob Howe & Frankie Griggs have just what you need to put in your box. Hey! we’re talking about ice here, and they have the “Coldest Stuff In Town.” They will fill your icebox anytime you need it. And with all this ice cream you’ve been making, you will be a regular stop, especially on Hump Day! Thanks for tuning in and stay frosty my little Biscuiteers.


John Brim Ice Cream Man

Roosevelt Sykes Ice Cream Freezer


Whistlin’ Bob Howe & Frankie Griggs The Coldest Stuff in Town


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