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Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues

Welcome back for more Hump Day hokum fun and debauchery. Our theme this Hump Day was inspired by a reader who shall remain anonymous for fear her puritan reputation be sullied. “Why don’t you write about pussy cats?” she asked. It took me by surprise. I thought every installment entered that realm somehow, if you know what I mean. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Anyway, we may as well get right down in there and explore a few moments in blues history where the topic is pretty much called out by name in some of the slickest double entendre depravity ever achieved.

Big Bill Broonzy played on over 600 sides in the 1930’s and a handful were with the Famous Hokum Boys. Under his own name, he made “Pussy Cat Blues” aka “Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat” with a little help from the Hokum Boys’ friend Hannah May (aka Jane Lucas). The song begins with Hannah May singing the incredibly filthy yet perfectly innocent line “You can play with my pussy but please don’t dog it around / If you going to mistreat it, no pussy will be found.” Clearly she is a woman who cares about her pussy and wants to make sure it gets treated properly and with the respect it deserves.

Harry Roy & His Orchestra isn’t necessarily a blues band, but their classic ode to feline charms is definitely hokum of the first order.  This song takes hiding in plain sight to the highest magnitude. And it’s such a happy, bouncy tune that you’ll be singing along before you realize what just happened to your morality.

There’s one pet I like to pet
And every evening we get set
I stroke it every chance I get
It’s my girl’s pussy

Seldom plays and never purrs
And I love the thoughts it stirs
But I don’t mind because it’s hers
My girl’s pussy

Often it goes out at night
Returns at break of dawn
No matter what the weather’s like
It’s always nice and warm

It’s never dirty, always clean
In giving thrills, never mean
But it’s the best I’ve ever seen
Is my girl’s pussy

Where can you go after that? This is from 1931. 1931. A song so clearly about his girl’s kitty cat that it tricks your dirty mind into doing cartwheels. Right? It is about a cat isn’t it? We better listen to it again.

We also have Johnny Winter playing the Rolling Stones ode to teen runaway seduction “Stray Cat Blues” and Katie Webster warning you that stepping out on her and returning to her back door will not make her happy. You gotta keep your woman happy so treat her pussy right, especially on Hump Day!

Big Bill Broonzy Pussy Cat Blues

Harry Roy & His Orchestra My Girl’s Pussy

Johnny Winter Stray Cat Blues

Katie Webster Pussycat Moan