B.B. King Hospitalized Amid Charges Of Elder Abuse

The King of the Blues, B.B. King has been treated by doctors after his daughter Patty King charged the blues legend’s longtime manager with elder abuse. Patty lives with her 89-year-old father and told TMZ she became worried when her father’s urine turned orange, and also mentioned he hasn’t been eating. Laverne Toney, who has B.B.’s power of attorney, allegedly refused to take him to the hospital. Patty King subsequently called the police, who summoned paramedics. B.B. King was then treated at a local hospital, where his daughter said he suffered a minor heart attack. She is now pushing for authorities to step in and protect King.

This occurrence isn’t Patty King’s first complaint against Toney. TMZ reports that last November, Patty charged Toney with elder abuse and burglary, saying that the manager and her assistant have siphoned off as much as $30 million from B.B. King, while allegedly withholding medications during King’s tour, plus pilfering jewelry valued at $250,000. According to TMZ, Police investigated the claims but no charges were filed. Toney has not yet commented on the current allegations.

King was rushed also to the hospital in early April 2015 after suffering from dehydration. An erratic show a year ago, in April 2014, was attributed to a missed dose of diabetes medication. Dehydration was also blamed when a series of shows was postponed in the fall of 2014. The King of the Blues reluctantly canceled all of his remaining concerts last year.

We wish B.B. King a speedy recovery and we hope he is getting the care he deserves and requires. Keep him in your thoughts.


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