About Us

I started writing about music professionally in 2008. Over the last 6 years I’ve been published in Hittin’ The Note magazine, American Blues News, Blues Blast, and American Blues Scene. I’ve met some wonderful people and I’ve heard a lot of music. I’ve written a lot of reviews. Some of the music is extraordinary, and some is not.

With Blues Biscuits I’m pulling no punches. If I love it, you’ll know it. If I hate it, you’ll know that too. But I’ll always back it up and offer as much analysis as possible. I play many instruments and I write music. I know a lot of work goes into making a record. I appreciate that fact and I respect the effort, but it doesn’t always work out. I’ll be fair, honest, and open to discussion. I hope you’ll interact with us at Blues Biscuits, bookmark us, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Most of all we hope to inform and entertain you with hot, fresh news and reviews from the world of blues…and a few day-old bits for good measure.