Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 9/10/14

TennyTuckerI recently had the opportunity to attend one of Teeny Tucker’s “Women In The Blues” presentations and it was quite informative and entertaining. I had never heard of Alberta Hunter and Teeny showed a video of the rediscovered, 82 year old blues singer. She was spunky, slyly humorous, winked at the audience, and sang about how her castle’s always rockin’. Even at 82, you believed it was true. Then, over this past weekend I was listening to B.B. King’s Bluesville on Sirius/XM and who comes on but Alberta Hunter with another bawdy tune – “You Can’t Tell The Difference After Dark.” Always being on the lookout for Blues filth, I made a mental note. Fast forward to Hump Day. This is a great opportunity to introduce you to Alberta Hunter, if like me, you never heard of her. I also included a Teeny Tucker song at the end, however, it is not bawdy. I just wanted you to hear her too if you have not.

On the subject of Women Of The Blues, many people don’t realize Blues was very much a woman’s domain in the early days. Researchers looking for info on Charley Patton, Son House, Robert Johnson, and many other prominent males, have often found that the women were remembered by more people and in greater detail. Women were also recorded earlier. In fact, Mamie Smith’s “Crazy Blues” is widely regarded as the first blues recording and was made on August 10, 1920. So how does this relate to Hump Day? You may have noticed most of the risque tunes are sung by women. It’s not that the women were more sexually charged than men, although they may have been (wink wink nudge nudge), but the women were making more records in general. Maybe the men were just tired from shaking ashes, greasing griddles, chopping meat, and trimming the lawn, if you know what I mean…


Alberta Hunter You Can’t Tell The Difference After Dark

Alberta Hunter My Handy Man Live – 1981

Alberta Hunter Two-Fisted Double-Jointed Rough And Ready Man

And here’s a sample of Teeny Tucker, taken from her performance at Sun Studios for their Sessions series.

Teeny Tucker Keep the Blues Alive

Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 9/3/14

JuniorKimbroughWelcome back to Hump Day. We skipped last week in honor of Stevie Ray Vaughan and a special post about his impact but we’re back this week. There’s not really a theme, but we have Junior Kimbrough wanting to try you, girl, and two ladies who have some advice for him if he wants to keep trying, if you know what I mean.




Junior Kimbrough “I Gotta Try You Girl”

Julia Lee “Don’t Come Too Soon”

Barbara Carr “Bone Me Like You Own Me”

Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 8/20/14

It’s Hump Day and that means blues. Low down, dirty, grinding blues. I’ve read that the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’ and apparently a lot of blues musicians have heard the same thing. For decades, bluesmen have been chubby-chasing and lusting after big-legged women. Even Leadbelly sang about loving a big fat woman.

ChickWillisStoopDownChick Willis was famous for his risque song “Stoop Down Baby” and his ribald lyrics have permeated his work all throughout his career. The one we picked for Hump Day is “I Want A Big Fat Woman.” There’s no double-entendre there. It’s quite clear. Bring on the heavy weights and get it on!


bobcorritore_1According to his website, Bob Corritore is “considered among the top traditional blues harmonica players on the scene today. Additionally he is the owner of the Rhythm Room, the radio show host of “Those Lowdown Blues” on KJZZ, the founder of Southwest Musical Arts Foundation, the editor and main writer of the Bob Corritore Blues Newsletter, an official endorser of Hohner harmonicas, a Keeping The Blues Alive award recipient, a grammy nominated harmonica player and producer, an honorary member of Collectif Des Radios Blues, and a great fan of, and active participant in blues music in general.” And he also wants a big fat mama. 

BnoisKingSingsSmokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King have made our Hump Day list before with “My Space Or Yours.” Bnois has an eye for the ladies and he likes a healthy, healthy mama. Not surprisingly it comes from an album called “Roadhouse Research.” I’m betting Bnois wasn’t just sampling the menus and beer on tap.




Happy Hump Day Biscuiteers! Get movin’!

Chick Willis I Want A Big Fat Woman

Bob Corritore Big Fat Mama

Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King Healthy Mama

Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 8/13/14

BuddyGuySlippinInHump day, hump day, hump day! Step right up folks, but keep quiet and low down. We’re waitin’ til your man is gone, sneaking around back, and making a special delivery. I’d say we’ll be your back door man but I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea, if you know what I mean.

This week the tunes aren’t as naughty as usual but the characters involved certainly are. What we have are some tunes about sneaking around, covering multiple perspectives. Poor Albert Collins wondering who ate the steak attached to bones left on the dirty dishes, Buddy Guy letting his woman know that her sneaking around back fired, and Mr. Rick Estrin realizing he’s just another conquest of a woman sneaking around on her fiancee during the Blues Cruise. Oh, how wicked the women are in the world of blues. They’re as fickle as can be. The whole lot of them are immoral tarts and we love them. And so does everyone else apparently…

Albert Collins – Too Many Dirty Dishes (Montreux 1992)

Buddy Guy – Someone Else Is Steppin’ In (Slippin’ In)

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats – (I Met Her On The) Blues Cruise


Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 8/6/14

TampaRedOnGuitarI don’t know how it happened but this week’s Hump Day theme turned into “tight.” Maybe it’s the tight schedule I’ve been on lately. Maybe by socks are too tight.

Tampa Red has been featured here before. I’ll give you a nickel if you remember what song. Hey, a nickel could buy you a lot of sin in 1928! You supply the Time Machine. This time Red is paired with Georgia Tom, aka Thomas Dorsey, the father of black gospel music. I didn’t realize there was white gospel music – I think it’s referred to as Christian Rock. Long before either though, Tampa Red & Georgia Tom teamed up for some bawdy blues. Can you picture St. Peter at the gates of Heaven humming “It’s Tight Like That” when he saw Georgia Tom in line? Mr. Dorsey was probably sweating that one.

GeorgiaTomNext up is Barrel House Annie with a song loosely related to our topic. “If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It” is good advice for any situation, especially a tight one. Hell it worked for OJ when everybody thought he was sincerely, irrevocably fu… Shut your mouth!

As a bonus we’ve got a modern version of the Sippie Wallace classic “Mighty Tight Woman” featuring young Bonnie Raitt performing on a Philadelphia radio show in 1972. She was touring to promote the Give It Up album. There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere. I’ll let you write it.

RAITT-Bonnie-1972-GIVE-IT-UP1That’s it for Hump Day this week. I hope you enjoy this feature. Please comment here or on Facebook or Twitter. Say hello or share some of your favorite dirty blues. On Twitter, search for #thatsoundsdirty and you’ll find some of our other risque blues tweets. Have fun everyone!


Tampa Red & Georgia Tom It’s Tight Like That

Barrel House Annie If It Don’t Fit (Don’t Force It)

Bonnie Raitt Mighty Tight Woman

Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 7/30/14

SuperChikanWe spent the past weekend at Pennsylvania Blues Festival and had the good fortune to catch two sets by James “Super Chikan” Johnson. Super Chikan is one of my favorite blues performers, players, writers and guitar builders. He made some wild looking guitars from items like old oil and gas cans to ceiling fans, axes, and even shotguns. On Sunday July 27, 2014, Super Chikan played a solo set using a variety of his homemade instruments, and performed again later in the day. The second set was supposed to be a solo set but turned into an impromptu full band set as Jarekus Singleton and his whole band eventually joined the Chikan on stage. This set was my favorite of the weekend. It was an organic jam that the musicians quite obviously enjoyed and Super Chikan’s upbeat blues boogies had everyone moving and more people up dancing than any other set I saw.

How does all this relate to Hump Day? Well, Super Chikan has a tune called “Shoot That Thang” and it gets down and dirty. So down and dirty that Chikan declined to play it when requested by a fellow PA Blues Fest patron. He said it gets a little X-rated (a slight overstatement) and he wouldn’t play it with little kids around. Did I mention he’s also a class act? Somebody Shoot That Thang! I looked around for a video with the studio version but I came up empty. I did find a pretty lengthy but fun performance clip though. I hope you enjoy it.

BarbaraCarrOur second selection is also inspired by Pennsylvania Blues Fest. Barbara Carr performed an afternoon set and unfortunately I missed a lot of it covering another band on another stage. I don’t know if she played this song but if she did I’m sorry I missed it. Maybe she would have explained just what a “Bo Hawg Grind” is but I’m guessing that if you don’t know you’ve never experienced it. According to Barrelhouse Words: A Blues Dialect Dictionary By Stephen Calt, a bo’ hog is a boar hog; literally an adult male swine. Bo’ hog connotes a middle aged or sexually experienced boyfriend, a bo’ hog shuffle is a slang term for sexual intercourse, and a bo’ hog’s eye or hog-eye is a slang term for vagina. Well, then, let’s have a listen and see what we can learn of the “Bo Hawg Grind.” I wonder if Muddy was looking for Barbara when he was singing “Can’t Get No Grindin'”…

Super Chikan – Shoot That Thang

Barbara Carr – Bo Hawg Grind

Get yourself Sum Mo’ Chikan:

Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 7/23/14

SweetJellyRollWho’s hungry? I must be thinking about food today so what he have for your Hump Day Blues is some good old-fashioned musical food porn. Food metaphors for sex have been used in songs since Edison recorded Bell singing to Watson about his long white bologna (this may or may not be true – no evidence exists). Spread out some cabbage, bananas, sugar, honey, jelly, wieners, peaches, lemons, pies, hot dogs, custards, rolls, buns, and more and you’ve got a salacious smorgasbord. I’m surprised there’s no blues song about kumquats. That word even looks dirty. It sounds filthy and it’s probably, ripe, sweet and juicy waiting for you to take a bite.

Anyway, your Hump Day feature this week might whet your appetite, fill your sack, scramble your eggs, toss your salad, bake your beans, warm your wiener, roast your nuts, gravy your biscuits (hey now!)… alright, you get the picture.

First we have Lil Johnson looking for her Hot Dog Man. It sounds more like Lil Johnson was looking for Big Johnson, if you know what I mean.

Royal Southern Brotherhood is a recent band carrying the hokum flag forward with a song from their first album. Cyril Neville wants some of that sweet jelly donut but she ain’t sharin’, even after he took her to see Dr. John at Tipitina’s. Maybe he should try a Chocolate Angel instead.

Lastly we have the voluptuous and vivacious Candye Kane inviting you to eat it all night long. Her buffet offers large portions and the biggest jugs of milk around. Drink up boys.


Lil Johnson – Sam the Hot Dog Man

Royal Southern Brotherhood – Sweet Jelly Donut

Candye Kane – All You Can Eat

Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 7/16/14

DSCN8965Alright Biscuiteers, it’s a little late but maybe it’s just in time for some Hump Day musical adventure, if you know what I mean. This week’s selections were inadvertently inspired by Briggs Farm Blues Festival. Eddie Shaw played a hot set on the Main Stage but he also appears on a CD I bought from a vendor at the festival. The CD is Living Chicago Blues Volume 1 on Alligator Records. it was still in the long lost long box too! Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang have four songs on the disc including “My Baby’s So Ugly” which is mildly risque but makes me laugh too. I don’t usually listen to songs over and over again but this one got a few replays. While I was looking for it on Youtube for Hump Day, I came across another Eddie Shaw tune that again displayed his sly humor. “You’re Wife Is Cheating On Us” isn’t just a fun song for Hump Day, it’s scorching performance too and clocks in around nine minutes. See if you can go all the way with this Wolf Gang jam.

Eddie Shaw My Baby’s So Ugly

Eddie Shaw Your Wife Is Cheating On Us

Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 7/9/14

So, this morning I was up bright and early putting brake rotors on my wife’s car and it struck me how many blues tunes use cars, auto mechanics, parts and repair at double-entendres.  Even “working the rotors” sounds dirty, as do “checking out my toolkit” and “tight fit.” Later on my way to work I heard Johnny Adams doing “Body And Fender Man.” After all that, the Hump Day theme has to be car songs that are probably about sex. Probably?

JOHNSONI thought about where it all started and the car-as-sex-metaphor songs seem to originate with Robert Johnson’s “Terraplane Blues.” The Terraplane was a popular, affordable automobile with one of the first, if not the first closed cabin. Guess what a closed cabin is good for? I’m paraphrasing Bill Bill Broonzy here, but he once spoke about song writing saying you think of a thing and everything you can do with that thing and you’ll get a song. Apply that principles to cars and you get a long tradition of risque car songs.

I really enjoy Eli Cook’s versions of old blues tunes so I chose his version of “Terraplane Blues” to share with you. Eli manages to add some menace to the song and is definitely not happy that someone’s been driving his Terraplane for you since he’s been gone.

JohnnyWinterSeriousBusinessOne of my favorite tunes from Johnny Winter’s Serious Business LP is “Master Mechanic.” It stuck in my teenage mind to this very day! He’s going to align your front end and pump some air in your spare. Don’t you panic. He’s a master mechanic. He gets the jargon right too and it doesn’t see as forced as our next entry (that too sounds dirty!).

“Check My Baby’s Oil” is a fun tune from Lil’ Ed & The Blues ImperialsFull Tilt album. The words are a bit hokey and cheesy but Ed has so much fun with it, we can forgive him. I’ve just never been sure what he hoped to learn by checking the oil. Mileage, sure. Tire wear, definitely. But the oil? He’s no master mechanic like Johnny. Anyway, how can you not like a song about dipsticks and oil pans?

LedZeppelin1975PromofullpageOne more before we go and maybe I’ll get some angry comments about this one but at this point I’ll take angry comments over no comments so here goes… Led Zeppelin’s “Trampled Under Foot.” If not for Led Zeppelin I may have never heard the Blues. I will defend their lyrical indiscretions vehemently to anyone who wants to argue. Robert Johnson got about the same percentage of his lyrics from Skip James as Led Zep got from Willie Dixon. People can pretend all they want that Zep stole songs but the tradition started about five minutes after the first song was written. 20th Century recording capabilities created records of songs and in doing so made ownership of hand-me-down songs possible. Blues musicians continued the tradition any way and just about any post-war blues tune can be traced to an earlier recording. Anyway, Trampled Under Foot is Led Zeppelin’s tune in the style of “Terraplane Blues.” Just lay back and enjoy it. That sound dirty.

Eli Cook – Terraplane Blues

Johnny Winter – Master Mechanic

Lil’ Ed and The Blues Imperials – Check My Baby’s Oil

Led Zeppelin – Trampled Underfoot

Hump Day! Risque Tunes For Your Midweek Blues 7/2/14

Did I say poodle? I meant your p...
Did I say poodle? I meant your p…

We’re halfway through another week and it’s time for some bawdy amusement once again. Today we have a pair of Tampa Red tunes – “Let Me Play With Your Poodle” and “She Wants To Sell My Monkey.”

Tampa Red may seem like an animal lover but he was probably a real animal lover wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  Early blues songs often substituted animal metaphors for sex acts and private parts. Red may want to play with something involving the short curlies but it most definitely wasn’t your dog. 





You don't just sell the Mayor of Bluesville's monkey.
You don’t just sell the Mayor of Bluesville’s monkey.


“She Wants To Sell My Monkey” again substitutes an animal for private parts. At the time, the phrase was commonly known as a term for prostitution, as a woman selling the monkey was instead selling, or renting her genitals. In this Tampa Red song, that monkey has been promised to him but she wants to sell it. In this version, B.B. King finds out his monkey is on the market and he’s not too happy.





Bnois needs a folder for his uploads.
Bnois needs a folder for his uploads.

Our bonus tune for the holiday week comes courtesy of Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King. “My Space Or Yours” is Bnois’ ode to hooking up in the modern age. Bnois is a man adept at word play and he uses all the jargon to weave his tale of tails. This tune is definitely not for the Spam folder. Double click it baby, just like that…






Tampa Red – Let Me Play With Your Poodle

B.B. King – She Wants To Sell My Monkey

Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King – My Space Or Yours